Mother Nurture Lactation Coffee Mix


Mother Nurture Coffee Mix – P140.00 per box, 8 sachets

� Active Ingredients: Coffee – Robusta Choco – Native Cacao *Stevia Natural Sweetener * Non Dairy Creamer * Malunggay, Ashitaba and Gotu Kola (Natural Milk Boosters)


Mother Nurture Mixes are intended for lactating moms to help them boost their milk supply but everyone may enjoy it. In fact, it is safe for people who are:

Diabetic. Our product has no artificial sweeteners as it uses only Stevia Leaves that help insulin secretion. Presence of glucose syrup is at the minimum which is not more than 0.16 percent per serving (both choco and coffee). Furthermore, Carbohydrates can have an effect on the sugar level of a person. Mother Nurture Chocolate mix has 20g of carbohydrates while Mother Nurture Coffee mix has 18g of carbohydrates which is very minimal.

Hypertensive. It has low caffeine content and will not cause palpitations. The caffeine content of our coffee mix is not more than 90 mg while choco mix has not more than 10 mg.

Acidic. It uses a non-dairy creamer that will prevent acid reflux.

4 Active Ingredients

  1. Stevia – an herb that has a sweet taste, and it is a healthy substitute for sugar because it is completely natural. It has no side effects, helps in secreting insulin, most powerful antioxidants and has healing benefits.
  2. Malunggay – known as the “Miracle Tree” or ” Nature’s Medicine Cabinet”. It helps strengthen the immune system, helps restore skin condition, helps control blood pressure, helps nursing moms boost their milk supply and it is high in calcium.
  3. Ashitaba – a medical herb with the power to supply vital nutrients, an anti-oxidant, an anti-inflammatory detoxifier, enhances the production of nerve growth factor and helps moms boost their milk supply.
  4. Gotu Kola – the most spiritual of all herbs. It boosts blood circulation, strengthens memory, rejuvenates both liver and kidney and helps mental fatigue.


  • If pregnant, it is best to consult your doctor prior to drinking the products.
  • For best results, we recommend drinking 1-2 cups daily.
  • Store at room temperature and keep away from direct sunlight.
  • See sachet for active ingredients and expiry date.

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