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Journey to Debt-freedom Update: April 2019

It’s April, yey! I am so excited to share with you how much is left with our debt after almost 17 months of struggle in paying it off . The journey was not an easy one, but it’s all worth it.  And now we are almost done! Soon, by God’s grace.

We are now 80% in paying off our debt. Awesome, right? 

  1. BDO Car Loan – completely paid off ( Total remaining loan amount was PHP 65,000 not including interest)
  2. BPI Personal Loan – completely paid off ( Total loan amount was PHP 100,000 not including interest)
  3. BPI Credit Card (Mine) –completely paid off ( Total amount borrowed was P 114,000 not including interest)
  4. Citibank Credit Card –completely paid off ( Total loan amount was P 90,000 not including interest)
  5. Citibank Personal Loan 1 – completely paid off ( Total loan amount was P 200,000 not including interest)
  6. BPI Credit Card (Hubby)-   PHP 47000 remaining
  7. Citibank Personal Loan 2 – PHP 175,807.39 remaining

God is so good and we are just so excited to finish everything. Thanks for joining us in our journey to debt-freedom. 

Love lots, 

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