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Journey to Debt Freedom Update – May 2019

After 18 months of paying off our non-mortgage debts, we are now down to one(1) out of seven (7) debts. Praise and glory be to our wonderful God who provides us with everything we need and who gives us the wisdom and the discipline to get out of debt.

Our Progress

We are now at 86% of paying off our debts through a debt snowball method. I am so happy to share with you the current status of our debts.

  1. BDO Car Loan – completely paid off ( Total remaining loan amount was PHP 65,000 not including interest)
  2. BPI Personal Loan – completely paid off ( Total loan amount was PHP 100,000 not including interest)
  3. BPI Credit Card (Mine) –completely paid off ( Total amount borrowed was P 114,000 not including interest)
  4. Citibank Credit Card –completely paid off ( Total loan amount was P 90,000 not including interest)
  5. Citibank Personal Loan 1 – completely paid off ( Total loan amount was P 200,000 not including interest)
  6. BPI Credit Card (Hubby)- completely paid off ( Total loan amount was P 167,000 not including interest)
  7. Citibank Personal Loan 2 – PHP 159824.90 remaining

As I mentioned before, we are using to track our debt status and our payments. 

Our Small Celebration


We are so happy that’s why we decided to celebrate our win as a family. We worked so hard and did a lot of efforts to decrease our expenses during these past few months. Even our kids are part of our “pagtitipid”. No more new toys for them every week and no more playing at the paid playgrounds at the mall. They just play at the playground in our area which is free.

We made them understand that we need to pay our debts so we can save money for the things they desire and for their dream destinations.  

My husband and I can’t still believe that so far we’ve paid a total of Php 905,175.06 of debt in 18 months! We know that we will not come this far if not because of the grace of God. He is the only reason why we survived from the storm of our lives. He is our waymaker, miracle-worker, promise-keeper, and our light during our darkest times. God has been good to us. Our family will be forever grateful to our living God. 

For the Lord is good;his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations. – Psalm 100:5

Love lots, 


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