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How to Get 15,000 a Year While Spending Using Citibank Cash Back Credit Card

To be honest, after we paid out our debts, I  got allergic to the term “utang”. I surrendered my credit cards except for my Citibank Cash Back Credit Card that I use when buying groceries, gas and paying bills like Meralco, PLDT etc. I call it “Mommy CC” and I kept it because I earn cashback from my spendings. I only use it when I have the money to pay for the things that I used it for. Just like when you pay with cash,”kaliwaan”. Spend and then pay at the end of the day. To date, I already earned and redeemed P 39, 519 for 3 years now. Diba? Pandagdag din sa budget.

To enjoy the maximum rebate of 6% on supermarket purchases and 2% on Meralco, make sure to spend at least P10,000 per month on non-supermarket and non-Meralco expenses, such as gas, medicine, dining bills or department store purchases.

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If you want to earn from your spendings, you can apply for a Citibank Cash Back Credit Card by clicking Apply Now!

Be wise. Happy earning while spending!

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